Sprenger – Weymouth bit FC – SENSOGAN/AURIGAN




HS Sprenger weymouth bit FC. The mouthpiece is not arched, no pressure to the palate, well-fitting to the anatomy of the horses mouth. Incl. curb chain. The weymouth bit is optionally made of Aurigan-89 (activates the chewing activity of your horse) with Aurigan-cheek pieces and Aurigan curb chain or NEW Sensogan-78 (the innovative materialmix with reduced copper content and with manganese and zinc for a very positive influence on the horse’s satisfaction, motivation and willingness to perform) with stainless steel cheeks and stainless steel curb chain. Cheeks: 12.5cm (10.5cm), lower parts: 7cm (5cm), thickness: 18mm. Available in the sizes 12.5cm (5″), 13.5cm (5.1/4″), 14.5cm (5.3/4″). Sprenger item no. 42261 – 7cm lower parts (42251 – 5cm lower parts). Text by CALEVO.

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