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Gold Coast Dressage Association, Inc. was organized and operates exclusively for educational purposes and to foster local and national amateur sporting competition in the art of dressage. As a USDF Group Member Organization, GCDA is dedicated to assist in increasing the knowledge and awareness of the public, not only their abilities but their knowledge of safety and animal care and welfare. GCDA is committed to providing educational programs, clinics, shows, and seminars aimed at promoting and upgrading classical riding, and to offer a framework in which individuals can progress with the schooling of themselves and their horses. GCDA further will continue to educate and promote good sportsmanship and high ethical and moral standards in horsemanship and equestrian sports for allowing the coverage.


Gold Coast May Dresage Show 2023



@ Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex

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Editor Note: extending a thank you to NOREEN O’SULLIVAN|GCDA for allowing the coverage.

Brooke USA Foundation’s

Our Volunteers Help Make The World A More Humane Place For Working Equines

Brooke USA Foundation’s (Brooke USA) is to significantly improve the health, welfare, and productivity of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people who depend on them for survival worldwide. We are committed to sustainable economic development by reducing poverty, increasing food security, ensuring access to water, providing a means to education, and raising basic standards of living through improved equine health and welfare. We accomplish this by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the areas of greatest need.

Brooke USA strives to alleviate the suffering and vulnerability of developing communities by funding and implementing programs that improve the quality of life and health of working equines and thereby positively impacting their economic sustainability, protecting the planet, ensuring gender equality, and guaranteeing life on land resilience. We want to see healthy, happy people and equines that work in partnership to achieve sustainable local economies.

To learn more about Brooke USA and how you can help people and equines in need, please contact Emily Dulin, Chief Executive Officer, at or at 305-505-6170.

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